Why These Diesel Engines are Most Renowned and Preferred Brands

mirrlees blackstone k majorEvery market has a competition and thus when it comes to diesel engines and heavy fuel engines, competition cannot be far behind. But if there is one brand that gives other engines the dust to bite, it has to Mirrlees Blackstone K Major. These rough and tough engines are famous across world and geographies due to their sturdy assembly and its ability to withstand extreme conditions. Another reason, and a very important one for that matter, is the economical feasibility of the K major engine.

This diesel engine is one of the earlier engines made that were and are still used in activities such as auxiliary duties and marine propulsion. The reason that it became a trusted brand apart from the economic factor is the reliability and power the engine has. It has 4 power outputs that give out a massive horsepower of anything between 1500 and 13000 hp.

The development of K major engine is done at laboratories that focus on various parameters of the machine such as temperature, stress and pressures. Once developed, each engine is tested thoroughly in a test area wherein airflow, stress analysis, etc is monitored.

Another reason why these engines took the limelight is because the spare parts for these power-horses are available easily as components are not produced by the parent company but are manufactured by many other companies that are local to the location of the engine. Due to all these reasons, the Mirrlees Blackstone K major diesel engine is still a popular and may continue to be the preferred choices.


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