Mirrlees Blackstone K Major – An Overview

The most reliable and renowned name in the world of diesel and heavy fuel engines is Mirrlees Blackstone K major.  The best in class design and the reliability in operations makes these diesel engines so very popular for decades now.  The mirrlees blackstone k major is one of the four different engine types which include EMKII, MB275 and MB430. 1966 was the year in which K major’s production began and since then it has been a never ending journey till now. Presently, Alstom owns mirrlees blackstone k major but the original owner of the company is GEC-ALSTHOM back in 1977. It still holds its no. 1 position in standby power generating sets in UK and is used in nuclear power stations. Though, its main use is in areas of base load power generation, auxiliary duties as well as marine propulsion systems.  There are many manufacturers around the world that are into selling spare parts for this engine. This not only includes the k major engine parts but others as well. Only point to be kept in mind is to confirm before buying whether the parts are original or not because there are some fake dealers also around selling duplicate stuff.


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