Mirlees Blackstone K Major – Numero Uno in Diesel Engine Mechanism

Mirrlees Blackstone as we all know is a proven brand in the field of diesel engines and is the top selling diesel engine in UK. Due to the high quality make and its performance in the most challenging of the environments, it is preferred across the globe. The different types of diesel engines manufactured at Mirrlees is K major, EMK II, MB430 and MB275. Though, K major is most popular of the engine types due to its reliability and efficiency.

Mirrlees Blackstone major – Known for its high performance standards and efficiency, K major was first introduced in the year 1966. It is made up of 4 power outputs which range from 1500 to 13140 horsepower. The main application of K major is in auxiliary duties, marine propulsion as well as base load power generation. K major is apparently the no1. Power generation set used in nuclear power stations of UK.

This company is presently owned by Alstom, since the year 1998 before which from the year 1977 it was in the ownership of GEC-ALSTHOM. It was in the year 1998 when 56% stake of it was floated in the Paris, New York and London stock exchange. Post the merger of the company, the concentration is on the production of K major engines only because of its tremendous demand and proven quality.


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