3 Possible Reasons Why Crankshafts Fail

Whenever a crankshaft fails, the blame quickly goes on the engine of the vehicle being faulty. However, this is not always the case as sometimes even crankshafts can be their own destructors. Let us know three reasons that may be possible for a crankshaft to malfunction or breakdown.

1. Bad torque converter

A torque converter works opposite to the direction of the crankshaft. When the oil increases in case of forward torque convertor, the internal pressure increases manifold thereby causing increase in the frontward pressure. Automatic transmission vehicle generally pose this problem; thrust bearing problems in such vehicles are more.

2. Poor driving

Taking care of our vehicle and its engine is our responsibility to avoid crankshaft repairs. Those with high RPM need to preserve close tolerance within total rotating assembly. When a driver presses on clutch, additional forward force is applied on the shaft which causes the bearing to break or fall.

3. Bad throw out bearing adjustment

In case of a vehicle with a gearstick shift mechanism, problems of the thrust bearing failure are very common. This is due to weak throw out bearing adjustment. However, the above point of driving bad is also a good reason for the thrust bearing to fail.


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