The Excellence of Power Engines

The most famous range of heavy fuel engines and diesel engines or spares in the world is Mirrlees Blackstone spares. They are the most famous one because of quality design as well as reliability even in most challenging environments.

At present, there are 4 diesel ranges which are made at the Mirrlees. Apparently, the most famous ones are MB 275, K major, E MK II, MB 430, and more.

K Major was introduced during the year 1966 and is quite reliable, efficient and economical. This engine has been mainly used in the marine propulsion, the auxiliary duties and the base load power generating activities. These Mirrlees K major involves 4 power outputs. These outputs are somewhere between 13140 and 1500 horsepower.Mirrlees Blackstone K Major is considered to be the no.1 standby for power generating which is used in the power stations of UK.The amount of engines which have been created to cross nearly 1000 numbers and provide more than 5 million horsepower as a combined output.

blackstone esl8_img

The research and development of Mirrlees Blackstone is performed at laboratory which was established during the year 1966. This useful laboratory has the facilities for recording normal and special parameters of engines. These parameters involve temperatures, pressures and stresses. You will find an individual room that is insulated with the installed instrument consoles for test beds. Even for fuel injection equipments, airflow, stress analysis etc. there is static test area. Thus, you are ensured to get the best quality products.

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